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Water Testing

Weiss Lake Improvement Association has long been a supporter and
participant in the Alabama Water Watch program. This program provides citizen volunteers with the training and equipment to conduct water quality testing on a monthly basis. The results of these water tests are entered into a data base provided and evaluated by Alabama Water Watch. Weiss Lake Improvement Association provides training opportunities to volunteers interested in participating in the water testing program. To learn more about Alabama Water Watch visit their web site:

Renew Our Rivers

Alabama Power developed a program in 2000 for Lake Associations, Home Owner Associations, environmental organizations, schools and civic organizations to participate in the cleanup of Alabama Power Lakes. Since that time the program has grown to include many states in river system cleanups. Weiss Lake Improvement has sponsored Renew Our Rivers Cleanup’s in Cherokee County since 2000. That year we had 20 volunteers and removed 3,000 pounds of trash. Each year the Renew Our Rivers project has grown and in 2011 we had 1,888 volunteers and removed 30,030 pounds of bottles, cans, paper, tires, appliances and other trash that has been discarded without regard to litter laws, or the beauty of our area. Weiss Lake Improvement Association has involved students and teachers in the cleanup event, making it a learning experience for the youth in the community joined by citizens that take pride in their community and participate in the cleanup . This year we had 38 teachers and 881 students participate. To learn more about Renew Our Rivers visit

Water Conservation

The water on earth today is the same water that dinosaurs drank when they were on earth. Water conservation is important as populations grow because the water we have today is all the water we will ever have. Weiss Lake Improvement Association working with the Alabama Clean Water Partnership has distributed Water Conservation Kits and conducts Rain Barrel Workshops. Participants in the Rain Barrel Workshops attend a training class to learn about rain water harvesting and construct a rain barrel to take home. There is a small fee for this class to cover the cost of parts. We will be scheduling Rain Barrel Workshops throughout the years. Check our web site for dates and to learn more about the Alabama Clean Water Partnership, visit